He aim of the project is to make the energy used in transactions on the blockchain network renewable and to perform all transactions at no cost. Carbon Coin is the first zero-energy-use platform to allow large-scale tokenization for people, organizations, companies, startups and decentralized finance (DeFi). Renewable energy system is a process created by Carbon Coin that needs an easy-to-use and universal ecosystem. With the Carbon ecosystem, anyone will be able to easily create any token, get it approved for free, and develop it in the long run. Carbon Coin allows tokenization of individuals, firms and organizations as well as managing token utilities, crowdfunding and listing new projects easily.While doing all this, it will restore the energy used to the system thanks to the self-cloning EBE.


To produce and develop renewable energy; By connecting local energy communities and management on the Blockchain, it creates an exchange of minimum energy and low carbon energy by generating and trading energy, with Smart Energy Contracts that encourage the world to produce renewable energy, achieving an economic optimization.

In addition, companies around the world are now more connected than ever before and have multiple external value transfers. Finally, the global energy market is one of the fastest growing sectors creating a great environment for building blockchain-based solutions like Carbon Coin. These three factors made it the perfect place to build the first large-scale renewable energy platform, similar to how electricity is found.

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In the future; Enjoy the game and entertainment world by paying zero energy!​

Users do not pay fees for transactions in CRB. The resistance required for the network to work. Remaining CRB fees are burned at a set rate by in-chain governance. Most of the chain security will come from the Binance Smart Chain. Purchase of a Carbon slot by locking BNBs, the native token of Binance Smart Chain. For fixing BNBs
The CRB required to bid on a Carbon slot will use a fixed CRB auction mechanism. Using Binance Smart Chain for security provides higher security for Carbon.
That these CRBsinstead, it can be used to encourage users to provide liquidity to the Carbon Pools running on it.

Chain Safety